The plans are renewed once you upgrade the subscriptions plan as per the mentioned subscriptions plans and u need to take the effort to do so since all subscriptions plans are renewed manually . You can upgrade your plans by visiting Resume builder plans details

At JobsCruze , we are committed to your satisfaction. That's why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on Resume Builder Services . We understand that choosing the right resume builder is an important decision, and we want you to feel confident in your choice.You can check check the details at our Pricing page & Money back Guarantee Policy .Hence you can feel safe with us all the time .

Since JobsCruze offers specialised resume writing services, we do not undertake job placements. However we do offer a 90 days money-back guarantee where if you don’t receive an interview calls within 90 days of having received you’re professionally made resume, we will rewrite your resume  any resume writing charges.We have specifically created No Job Guarantee Page which you can visit for the details what you can expect from us with our AI Powered Platform .

You can upgrade to any resume builder plan at any time you like as we don’t have any restrictions.You can visit Resume builder Plans Page and you can upgrade any time .

You can cancel your subscription any time by logging in your account and you can go in My subscription plans and cancel it OR You can simply get in touch with our support team customersupport@jobscruze.com.In the mean while you can visit our Customer Support Page as we have mentioned all the related issues and queries specifying how it can be solved with specified details .

We accept PayPal, Razor pay including all formats of debit and credit cards including payments within India and International payments as well.In our website we have mentioned all the modes of payments which you can check at our Subscriptions plans page.

Under the JobsCruze Resume Builder subscription plans we have the Pro Plan which is a free plan and paid plans like Standard which is monthly, Advanced for quarterly and Premium for annual subscription. You can read more about our Resume builder plans

Once you purchase the subscription plan, you will get access to all the professional resume templates, cover letter templates, infographic resume templates and one-click website templates along with features like Autosuggestion content and keywords for various sections of the resume. The different section includes roles and responsibilities, designation, proficiency, awards and achievements, skills, hobbies, language, social media and more. You can select the available options for every section included in your templates, and then you can download your professional resume.You can visit Resume builder page,AI Resume writer page,AI Cover letter writer,AI Job Interview questions,AI Career Coach as we have explained in detailed on the usage part 

You can download your professional resume unlimited number of times including resume , cover letter , and other services as per the plans.All the features in detail is mentioned as per Subscriptions plans in detail.

No the saved resume will be there in your account after cancelling your Upgraded plans.Still if you face any concerns you can contact our Support Team.

At JobvsCruze , we understand that circumstances may change, and you may need to cancel your subscription. We've made the cancellation process simple and hassle-free to ensure a smooth experience for our users.

How to Cancel

To cancel your subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into Your Account: Visit our website and log into your account using your credentials.

  2. Access Subscription Settings: Once logged in, navigate to your account settings or subscription management page.

  3. Initiate Cancellation: Locate the option to cancel your subscription and follow the prompts to initiate the cancellation process.

  4. Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email once your cancellation request has been processed successfully.

On JobsCruze you can use our free resume builder pro plan to try out our free resume templates and cover letters for as long as you want. Once you are satisfied with our product, you can opt for a subscription plan and proceed to purchase. You can reach out our Support Team so that we can resolve your concerns .

JobsCruze offers an manual  renewal for all our resume writing subscription plans thus your plan will be manually  renewed based on the type of plans purchased subject to you consent as we dont bill automatically as all are plans are a One time payments plans hence you can to visit our website again for purchase at our Subscription page.

What many job seekers don't realize is that 75 percent of job applications are rejected before a recruiter even sees them. That is because every resume is passed through an applicant tracking system and if relevant keywords are missing from your resume, then your resume will get rejected. That’s why all JobsCruze resume templates are ATS compliant.You can visit to check the subtitles provided in templates at our Templates featuressection .

JobsCruze Resume Builder was created with a security architecture and industry best practices designed to protect the privacy of your personal information. We offer multiple layers of security, including secure socket layer ("SSL") connections and 256-bit data storage encryption of all your personal information on our secure servers.

Even after you purchase a subscription based service, you can switch between a different plans which you feel is more relevant to you. 

You can download your cover letter, professional resume as well as other interview application services UNLIMITED number of times when you subscribe to our plans.

Our  resume builder services are priced at as little as Rs 10 per day and give you all our best resume templates, the best resume writers and all our other premium services like one-on-one consultation, unlimited resume downloads, handwritten resumes and more as per the services opted .

The resume builder  prices vary from company to company. However one good way to gauge if a pricing is competitive or not is this - if you consider the lowest salary of say 8 lakhs per annum then an individual makes 2191 per day. Considering that our professional resume subscription services can help find a job much quicker by spending only Rs 10 per day, it would turn out to be highly competitive pricing. 

Under the JobsCruze Resume Builder subscription plans we have theFree  plans, Monthly plans , Quarterly Plans well as Yearly plans. You can read more about our Premium Resume Builder plans here in Pricing Section

Highest Customer Satisfaction is our motto and we will work with you over multiple drafts and revisions to ensure your satisfaction. JobsCruze’s writers will work with you throughout the revision period until you are satisfied with your resume irrespective of the no of hours, minutes, days and seconds we need to work. Only when you give us your approval will our job be done.

We’ve been in the industry long enough to assure you that you will receive interview calls within 90 days of having gotten your professional handwritten resume made with JobsCruze. However in the unlikely situation that this does not happen, we will reverse all charges and you will get a resume free of charge.

In order to get your professional resume and cover letter made, you need to start by selecting a suitable package. Our resume builder subscription plans are available for purchase online and our premium resume services are available by order.

Our resume-writing process is collective effort between the writer and the client. Your writer will use your old resume or send you a questionnaire to collect basic the information needed to get started. Once this has been provided, your new resume will be delivered to you for you to review and offer edit suggestions. Via call or email, you can easily work on drafts of your resume, and communicate with your writer to suggest changes.

Once you have purchased a resume and cover letter writing package, we will share a form with you to collect basic information about you. Based on the information you fill in, we will appoint a suitable resume writer who will get in touch with you via email or call for an in-depth research about your education, qualifications, accomplishments and work history

We have a large network of professional resume writers, including certified career coaches, former and current hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters and professionals with specialised experience in different industries. This ensures we can match each client with an expert who is a strong match for their needs. Jobscruze recruits writers who have the minimum qualification of being Graduates and those who can bring value to our clients. 

Our network of over resume writers have experience in many different industries. We connect you with a resume-writing expert for your industry. We have a team of expert resume writers and Human Resource professionals with expert knowledge of your industry and who are qualified in showcasing your accomplishments by using the same terminology, that hiring managers look for in your field. This means that important keywords, along with your skills and achievements, will stand out to hiring managers and satisfy all applicant tracking systems. 

JobsCruze are specialists in delivering high quality resumes and cover letters.

Premium Resume Writing services assist job seekers, employees, students, and professionals in creating well-formatted, professional-looking resume with ease. Our experts help you with everything that you need to do to make a professional resume and deliver your information in a proper format to make a right impression on your hiring manager. It offers plenty of professionally designed resume templates, resume samples, resume tips and guidelines and more to enable you build a perfect resume for your job search.

JobsCruze’s free resume maker as well as the premium resume writing services have successfully helped thousands of job seekers find their dream jobs by creating the best resume templates for experienced candidates as well as simple resume format for freshers. Over the past ten years, we have helped craft thousands of resumes and cover letters. Not only do we understand what recruiters look for, but also the latest trends for your targeted industry so your resume can stand out in the recruiting process.

Hiring a professional resume writer may not be an option for everyone and some people may be skilled enough to do the job on their own. But for those who don’t have the necessary skills and are struggling to get interviews, a professional resume builder can be one of the best investments you make as you continue on your job search. You can also try our Free Online Resume Maker first and use the Free Resume Templates and once you are satisfied, you can opt for our premium resume writing services. 

With a simple 4 step process, you can have your professional resume ready. First you have to select the right package for resume and cover letter and complete your order. Once you do that you will need to answer a few simple questions about your work background. If you need more assistance, then you can ask for an optional one-on-one consultation with our professional resume writers and then within 3 -7 working days you will receive your professional resume & cover letter.